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Davis Bucco is a Philadelphia-based law firm specializing in construction law, business law, and labor law. Our attorneys also handle railroad and transportation cases, regulation and administration matters, and arbitration and mediation proceedings. We represent owners, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, and developers, as well as trade associations and multi-million-dollar businesses, throughout the mid-Atlantic region, from the Philly Metro area to South Jersey, Lehigh Valley, and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

Our firm has been a voice and resource for Pennsylvania construction professionals for 30 years. As a boutique construction law firm, we work on a small scale—knowing each of our clients and their needs intimately—but with a vast knowledge base and large-scale perspective. Preventing, avoiding, and quickly resolving legal issues is best for keeping construction projects in the black, and that’s what we do for our clients.

At Davis Bucco, we build close relationships with our clients based on communication, availability, and results. To prevent legal issues, we proactively stay abreast of our clients’ projects, addressing concerns as they arise, not after we already have a problem on our hands. By applying our expertise early and often, we keep construction moving forward, unencumbered by conflict and red tape.

For us, being effective means being efficient. Our attorneys are practical and assertive, with a firm grasp of the challenges construction industry professionals face daily. Looking at legal issues the same way our clients do—with an emphasis on time and money, and how little of it we can spend—the solutions we provide are, in fact, a plan and pathway for overall success.

Our construction law attorneys serve clients in all practice areas relating to the construction industry, including delays, design errors and defects, payment and performance bonds, change order disputes, insurance claims, stucco problems and water leaks, worksite accidents, product failure, and more. The comprehensive nature of our construction law practice ensures all our clients’ needs are met, from project bid through completion and beyond.

In the three decades our firm has practiced construction law, we have seen the construction industry change dramatically, especially in recent years. Due to economic conditions, there has been a downturn in demand for construction law, resulting in increased competition among construction lawyers in Pennsylvania and nationwide. However, construction companies continue to enter new markets—particularly public work—while operating with leaner margins. Also, companies need to address new technical and legal questions and issues as the construction industry increasingly embraces technology and new project delivery methods.

As construction law specialists, the experienced attorneys at Davis Bucco remain leaders in the construction industry by continuing to address issues and overcome obstacles.

We at Davis Bucco recognize it is more important than ever to take a strategic and preventive approach to every construction project and every key business decision. As both advisor and advocate, we educate our clients to understand and negotiate contracts so risks can be identified and mitigated, thus avoiding and reducing the impact of mistakes. There’s no time like the present to factor in future issues and determine ahead of time how they may be best resolved. Hindsight is 20/20, but foresight can avoid the reckoning entirely.

An overarching goal at Davis Bucco is to help our clients avoid the cost of litigation—it is expensive and time-consuming. Thus, our attorneys are skilled in arbitration and mediation, providing not only client representation but also serving as independent arbitrators and mediators in private disputes and among third parties. We enjoy an excellent reputation in the mid-Atlantic construction industry for handling arbitration and mediation proceedings with swift, solution-driven insight.

Beyond the specifics of construction law, we assist businesses in entity formation, transactions, dissolutions, partnerships, joint ventures, licensing, and more. Our business lawyers also counsel clients in labor and employment law matters, including employment discrimination, wage and hour compliance, unfair labor practices, hiring, and firing. For all our clients, we provide guidance and representation regarding federal and state regulations and administrative proceedings, working to avert and manage compliance issues.

For more information about Davis Bucco and our legal services, please contact our office in Conshohocken, PA. Our sterling reputation in the mid-Atlantic construction industry is no accident. Through helping our clients successfully prevent and resolve problems, we have built a strong law firm, where skill is our steel and knowledge is our concrete.

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