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Pennsylvania Attorneys for Construction Delays & Material Delay Issues

Construction delays adversely affect productivity and project delivery, causing time and cost overruns, as well as disputes, that can bring a construction project to a screeching halt. At Davis Bucco, our construction law attorneys are skilled at asserting our clients’ interests regarding delays, handling delay issues through mediation, arbitration, and litigation, and helping to ensure responsible parties cover the expense of project delays. We also advise our clients in preventive measures to avoid and/or minimize the impact of construction project delays.

Construction Delays, Inefficiencies & Loss of Productivity

Davis Bucco represents clients dealing with both excusable and non-excusable delays, working to procure appropriate compensation for the direct and indirect costs associated with delays. The range of construction delay claims we handle may involve:

  • Change orders
  • Client interference
  • Errors and/or omissions in the contract drawing
  • Poor design and delay in design
  • Lack of equipment
  • Frequent equipment breakdown
  • Shortage of equipment parts
  • Slow site clearance
  • Financial-related delays, such as improper cost planning, inadequate fund allocation, and delayed payment to subcontractors and suppliers

Our attorneys also handle claims involving inefficiencies and loss of productivity, showing how owner-directed changes, errors and omissions, and other delay-related issues affect the efficiency of the construction process. We know how to prove lost productivity by meaningfully comparing unimpacted and impacted periods within a construction project and quantifying the costs resulting from the inefficient operation, including additional labor and equipment hours.

Material Delay Issues

Material delays and shortages are a significant source of construction delays for obvious reasons. If the necessary or specified material—be it cement, steel bar, or ceramic tile—is unavailable, the project will be delayed. Factors causing material delay issues include late material delivery due to short supply and/or high market demand, poor quality of materials upon delivery, and unexpected escalation of materials prices. At Davis Bucco, we have encountered all these material delay situations and know how to successfully resolve them on behalf our clients.

Let Us Help You Resolve Construction Delay Issues

If your construction project has encountered a delay, creating inefficiencies and loss of productivity, please contact the Pennsylvania construction law attorneys at Davis Bucco. We can help settle the issues causing the delay and obtain the remedy that will correct and compensate for the delay. Our firm represents business owners and construction professionals throughout the mid-Atlantic, including contractors and subcontractors based in Philadelphia, South Jersey, Lehigh Valley, and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

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