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Pennsylvania Product Failure Construction Law Attorneys

When a product or building material fails, the effect on construction—whether in progress or complete—can be devastating. Collapses, fires, flooding, and serious injuries have all been blamed on product failures. The Pennsylvania construction law attorneys at Davis Bucco have significant experience handling product failure cases, and we’ve seen firsthand the dangerous and expensive problems defective or improperly installed materials can cause. We’re also familiar with the difficulty of dealing with differing site conditions (perhaps the largest “product failure” of all). For our clients, we make it our mission to recover the total costs of fixing product failures by identifying the manufacturers, designers, retailers, installers, and/or other entities who should bear that burden.

Types of Product Failure Cases in the Construction Industry

Depending on the type of building materials used in a construction project, product failures can cause cracks, buckling, fractures, mold, infestation, and ultimately compromise the overall integrity of a building. Examples of construction product failures and defects include:

  • Use of poor-quality wood containing moisture, splits, knots, fungi, insects, and other defects
  • Improper mixing of concrete
  • Improper grading of cement
  • Improper concrete curing conditions
  • Use of corroded steel
  • Use of undersized or understrength beams
  • Faulty welding
  • Faulty expansion joints
  • Flaws or notches in steel
  • Lack of design considerations for torsion effects on steel
  • Lack of foundation reinforcement
  • Use of defective adhesives, coatings, paint, stains, and other finishes

Differing Site Conditions

Of all the types of product failures, differing site conditions are a major cause of legal claims in the construction industry. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) covering differing site conditions classifies them into two types. A Type I differing site condition is a subsurface or latent physical condition at the site that differs materially from those indicated in the contract. A Type II condition is defined as an unknown condition, unusual in nature, that differs materially from the conditions ordinarily encountered or typically expected of the work provided in the contract. At Davis Bucco, our construction law attorneys are well-versed in differing site condition legal claims and the factors that make—or don’t make—a condition “reasonably foreseeable.”

Slab & Structural Failure

Slab and structural failures are another frequent source of product failure claims in the construction industry. Causes of slab and structural failures include overloading, corrosion of the reinforcing steel in concrete, poor concrete mix, lack of protective coating, and poor workmanship. Davis Bucco handles slab and structural failure recovery claims with insight and dedication to recovering fair compensation for our clients.

Speak with an Experienced Construction Product Failure Attorney

If you’ve experienced a construction product failure or differing site condition, please contact the construction law attorneys at Davis Bucco in Conshohocken, PA. We are known throughout the mid-Atlantic as a strong and effective law firm for construction industry professionals and for favorably resolving construction issues.

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