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Pennsylvania Attorneys for Stucco Problems & Water Leaks

Many Americans have experienced—and are currently experiencing—water leaks in their homes. For those with stucco exteriors, the stucco may be the problem. While visually appealing and popular, stucco is associated with many unwanted and potentially dangerous issues, including leaking windows, peeling, and staining. At Davis Bucco, our construction law practice helps homeowners with stucco problems and similar exterior finish issues by recovering the costs to repair water leaks and other damage. Our goal is to ease the frustration and financial burden of dealing with subpar stucco.

Signs of Stucco Problems

When properly installed, stucco—a cement- or lime-based plaster—is extremely durable, easy to care for, and well-suited for most climates. However, water leaks, rot, mold, and other damage frequently occur as the result of continuous trapped moisture behind the stucco facade. The construction-related issues creating trapped moisture include deficient window flashing and installation, inadequate installation of a water-resistant barrier, lack of kickout flashing diverters, and stucco installed below grade. Common occurrences that may be an indication of stucco problems include:

  • Water leakage around windows
  • Black mold around windows on interior or exterior (stucco molding)
  • Staining around windows on drywall
  • Peeling or discolored stucco
  • Staining of the stucco under the corners of the windows or skylights
  • Stucco cracking and buckling

If you have stucco and are experiencing any of the above issues, contact the Pennsylvania construction attorneys at Davis Bucco. We can assist you in the process of solving your stucco-related problems, including coordinating testing and investigation with experts to identify the cause of your issues. An invasive moisture stucco test involves a visual inspection, moisture analysis, and thorough documentation, which will show with detail and accuracy whether your stucco is failing and, if it is, why. This report will also show the extent of home repairs you need to fix the damage and to prevent future stucco problems.

Speak with an Experienced Pennsylvania Stucco Damage Attorney

In most cases, common stucco problems are not the homeowners’ fault. If you have experienced water leaks or moisture issues in your stucco home, you may be entitled to recover the cost of necessary repairs. For more information about seeking compensation for stucco repairs, please contact Davis Bucco and speak with one of our experienced Pennsylvania construction law attorneys. Our firm represents clients throughout the mid-Atlantic, including Philadelphia, South Jersey, Lehigh Valley, and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

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